Yamuna Expressway Toll Tax Rates List 2022 | Speed Limit List at Taj Expressway

Check Yamuna Expressway Toll Rates List 2022, New Toll Tax charges is applicable from 1 April 2022 and also check Speed Limits for different vehicles at Yamuna Expressway and List of Emergency Contact Numbers

Yamuna Expressway Toll Rates List 2022:-The Yamuna Expressway Project formerly know as Taj Expressway was started the Government of Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh to reduce the travel time between New Delhi and Agra. The main reason behind this project is to connect the National Capital Region to Taj Mahal, Agra. is about 210 KM away from Delhi by road and it takes almost 3-4 hours.

The Yamuna Expressway is a 165 KM long controlled access expressway which connects Greater Noida with Agra. The 6 line (extendable to 8 lanes) expressway is the India's longest 6 lane controlled expressway.Yamuna Expressway Toll FasTag Charges rates is given below.

Yamuna Expressway Toll Rates List 2022 [New Toll Rates]

Yamuna Expressway Toll Rate is charged at three points 38 km, 95km, and 150, from Greater Noida. Car and Jeeps are charged Rs 2.50 per kilometer, Mini Buses at Rs 3.85 per kilometer, Buses and Trucks are charged Rs 7.85 per Kilometer. The charges for heavy vehicle is Rs 11.94 per kilometer. Yamuna Expressway New Toll Rates List is applicable from 1 April 2022 is given below in the table.

VehiclesJewar Exit (Rs.)Mathura Exit (Rs.)Agra Exit (Rs.)Round Trip (Rs.)
Two wheeler60135205330
Multi-axle Vehicle570130019703150
7+ axle Vehicle740168522504080
Yamuna Expressway Toll Rates List 2022

Note:- Round trip charges are 1.6 times the one-way tool within 24 hours of the journey and there is special discount for vehicles using the Yamuna Expressway more than 19 times with in a month

Yamuna Expressway Toll Rates List [old Toll Rates]

Toll will be charged at 3 points at 38 KM, 95 KM and 150 KM from Greater Noida. The Yamuna Expressway Toll Rates List before 1 April 2022 is given below.

VehiclesJewar Exit (Rs.)Mathura Exit (Rs.)Agra Exit (Rs.)Round Trip (Rs.)
Two wheeler50100150240
Multi-axle Vehicle450105016002560
7+ axle Vehicle600140021003360
Yamuna Expressway Toll Rates List [old Toll Rates]

Taj Expressway Speed Limit List

VehiclesSpeed Limit (kmph)
Cars and Other light vehicles100
Buses & Trucks65
Speed Limit at Yamuna Expressway

List of Emergency Contact Number

Ambulance108 / 102
National Highway Helpline1033
Disaster Management1078
Emergency Contact No. List

Yamuna Expressway Authority Website : http://www.yamunaexpresswayauthority.com

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12 thoughts on “Yamuna Expressway Toll Tax Rates List 2022 | Speed Limit List at Taj Expressway”

  1. I travelled from Noida to Agra and back on 03.01.2022 by my car Baleno no. DL5CN0794. I started at approximately 10:30 am and came back same day at around 10:30 pm. I was charged toll Rs.665.00 (Rs.120+Rs.140+Rs.85+Rs.155+Rs.95+Rs.70). The was deducted from my Paytm fast tag account. This amount should be Rs.510.00

  2. Yesterday on 15.02.22 I went from Greater Noida to Mathra and charged toll Rs. 120+155. On Return from Vrandavan to Greater Noida toll was charged Rs. 95+120. I couldn't not understand why different rates charged at Mathra / Vrandavan toll plaza

  3. If you will return within 24 hrs from your trip.the return toll charges will be approx 60% of single toll tax. this is applicable for Yamuna Express highway. for national Highways that will be approx 50%.
    suppose you start your trip from noida and 1st toll charges are Rs.120 which you pay at 10:00am if you came back on same toll both before 10:00am of 2nd day (within 24 hrs.) than you have to pay Rs.70 only.if you reach at 10:01am (at the time of reading of your Fastag) than you have to pay Rs. 120.

  4. If you don't pay by fasttag ,I believe you are charged dbl the amount. But by paying cash if you are to return the same day then what are the charges for round / return trip.
    How much you are discounted for return trip is it beneficial to pay by fasttag.

    • Mention your mode of transport two/three wheeler/car/jeep/Van. Yamuna Expressway toll rates has been increased from 1 April 2022, Check updated Yamuna expressway toll tax rates List for year 2022.


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